Why Tiffiny's Secret?

A beauty queen and an avid beauty blogger, Tiffiny Yang started out practising as a medical beauty doctor in the little red dot of Singapore. She developed a keen interest in caring for skin and its beauty during her practice in medical aesthetics.


Living under a hot and sunny climate, she personally suffered from wrinkles, pigmentation and pores until she discovered the best skincare ingredients to counter these problems - filtered from years of experience in her beauty practice and combined into great skincare products now available to you.

What is Tiffiny's Secret?

Each bottle of our signature Tiffiny’s Secret Age Defense & Brightening cream contains 1.5% timed released retinol and 3% matrixyl peptides.


Retinol is a potent derivative of vitamin A. About 40 years ago, Retinol was used as a topical treatment for patients with severe acne. Acne become less after 1 to 2 months of use. Sun-induced brown age spots and wrinkles also fade with retinol application. Retinol works by increasing the rate of cell turnover which in turn stimulates collagen production. Collagen is needed to maintain skin elasticity and to give the skin a plump and youthful look.

Growth peptides could penetrate the skin surface down into the dermis level, it will directly address the human skin ageing process by stimulating fibroblast-boosting natural collagen production. This will have a positive effect on all relevant layers of the skin, slowing down the skin’s ageing process and resulting in skin that is firmer, thicker, stronger and healthier. Most common anti-ageing skincare products have peptides with molecular structures that are too large to penetrate into the epidermis layer of the skin to stimulate collagen production. Skin care products with large peptide molecules tend to remain on the skin surface as a film, thus negating the regenerative properties of peptides.


Matrixyl peptides in Tiffiny’s Secret had been scientifically proven to be small enough to penetrate the outer layer of your skin to reach the fibroblast cells within to stimulate collagen production and repair aging skin. Matrixyl had also been scientifically proven as an anti-inflammatory agent, helping to speed tissue regeneration, resulting in the normalization of damaged skin. After continuous use, the skin will look more youthful and have increased strength to protect it against the ageing effects of the environment, such as sun damage.