Tiffiny's Secret Anti-Aging Cream 抗老面部護理霜

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Short description:

Our signature cream for fighting all signs of aging. It is also great for prevention of acne once under control and for reducing big pores.




Detailed description:

This retinol & Vitamin A containing product is different from other similar products because it contains encapsulated retinol that provides maximum release and skin absorption, while minimising irritation to the skin typically associated with retinoid use. You enjoy the benefits of acne and pore control without the redness involved. The retinol levels are not high enough for severe acne, but it is highly effective for mild to moderate acne control and maintenance. Also contains Vitamin C, E, licorice and daisy extract for prevention of pigmented acne scars as well as antioxidant benefits to fight sun damage.


The anti-aging benefit comes from the presence of palmitoyl pentapeptide (4-Matrixyl) which is clinically proven for reduction of wrinkles and skin lifting, as well as glucosamine to increase moisture to the skin.


*Actual product packaging may differ slightly from online store photo

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