Moisturising Facial Mask 潤膚面膜

SKU: 0006

Short description:

This all purpose mask is suitable for all skin types for hydration, firming and brightening of complexion. Recommended once or twice every week to keep your skin soft and supple through its powerful moisturising action and locks in hydration to your skin after every use.




Detailed description:

It contains powerful antioxidants such as pomegranate fruit extract, chrysanthenum flower extract, cabbage leaf extract and ginkgo biloba leaf extract to fight free radical damage from daily sun exposure and pollution, as well as giving the skin a brighter complexion with continual use.


The skin lightening benefit is enhanced with the ingredient Niacinamide 4%, which is a potent anti-pigmentary agent, while at the same time reducing wrinkles and acne.


The moisturising action comes from the presence of hyaluronic acid as a humectant.


Adenosine and allantoin is also present to combat skin thinning, to give the skin a fuller appearance.


*1 box contains 5 masks.

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